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Julia Roscoe graduated in Journalism and works as a translator (Portuguese/English) when she is not writing novels and short stories. Hallucinations, her first eBook, was published on Amazon and is available here.

She is the gold medal winner of Biopage Storytelling Writing Contest, with the article “How quarantine made me a writer”.

Julia lives in Montreal, Canada, with her boyfriend and some of her beloved books - the ones she could bring from Brazil, her home country.

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My Story

As authors often do, I began my journey with a profound love for books. You know what this kind of love feels like: it’s the one that places an inner radar for bookshops inside us, that makes us melt as we smell new pages. Come on, I am not the only one here who caress the cover of a book I like when I see it in a store, am I?

Anyway, this love for stories kept me thinking about fictional worlds all day long – while showering, driving, trying to fall asleep. At first, the only one who got to hear those stories was my kid sister at bedtime. Later on, I developed the courage to share them with teachers and a couple of friends. But it was only after graduating in college that I realized I had to invest on my dream of becoming a writer in order to really be one. Clever, huh?

In 2020, locked in Covid-19 quarantine, I saw the opportunity to review some of the stories I had created and posted in a blog, which I never promoted. Raise your hand if you have ever felt like a moron after looking at an old project. Luckily, there were some stuff worth saving. And that was how Alucinações, my first eBook, came to live. For those who don’t speak Portuguese, the English edition, Hallucinations, is now available on Amazon.

Once I had a published book of my own, I had to keep going.

Now, I am the gold medal winner of Biopage Storytelling Writing Contest of August 2021, with an article on my personal experience of how quarantine made me a writer. And the owner of this amazing website where I get to share my stories, personal thoughts, and interact with my readers.

If you want to be a part of my journey, tag along, ‘cause there are some new novels coming up. In the meantime, you can read some thrilling short stories in my blog or receive exclusive content by subscribing to my newsletter.


Julia Roscoe


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