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A quick and sweet vendetta

Part 6

Felicity was in heaven. Aaron had rejected any more visitors, including the girl he had made out with in the parking lot the day before. Not that he remembered it, or anything that had happened in the last week. Including breaking up with his girlfriend.

The doctors said Aaron would have to spend the night to be monitored, since he had suffered a concussion and was recovering from surgery on his spleen. He also had a broken arm, multiple scratches on his face and shoulder, but those were minor injuries in comparison.

Mr. and Mrs. Gellar, now that their son was out of the woods, were pressuring the police to find the truck driver who was responsible for this. Felicity pretended to be equally outraged by the fact that the driver had run away.

“Tell me again what happened, miss.” The officer was taking Felicity’s testimony. She supposed there was another policeman interviewing Maggie, and she hoped her friend would stick to their story, which offered only a portion of the truth. This was the third time they asked Felicity to go over the events before the accident, and she was getting mad. They had no reason not to believe her.

“I already told you! That truck came out of nowhere. It was way too fast and it hit Aaron’s car when they got to that sharp turn on the road.” She made a shriek, hoping that her moody teenager attitude would scare the officer away. “Can I be with my boyfriend now?”

“They’re saying his no longer your boyfriend,” the man questioned. “I heard Aaron broke up with you earlier this week.”

“Who told you that?” Felicity panicked for a moment. “They’re lying. People are jealous of what we have.”

She crossed her arms in front of her chest and dared the policeman to contradict her. The truth is, she was scared, she was starting to see the holes in her story.

“Why were you following him?” The officer stared back at Felicity.

“I was giving Maggie a lift, she lives near Aaron.”

“Then why wasn’t Aaron giving her a lift?” the cop asked without hesitation. It was like he had an infinite amount of questions for each answer Felicity gave him.

“She’s my friend. I was going to Aaron’s after dropping her off.”

“Even though you were broken up?”

Felicity hesitated for a second, it was clear the officer knew the truth, and he wasn’t buying the girl’s explanation that it was all gossip.

“Okay, he did break up with me. But he didn’t mean it. I was going to talk to him. We were getting back together.” She tried to look more innocent this time, all the drama wasn’t doing her any good.

“Were you angry when he broke things off?”

“Yes, no. I was confused.”

“Mad enough to want to hurt him?” the cop asked, this time, assessing Felicity’s every reaction.

She swallowed. “Of course not! I love him.” That much was true, she only wished to scare Aaron.

“You see, miss, the expert found some mixture in Aaron’s car engine. Someone tampered with it. This is a crime investigation now.”


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