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Eternal love

I have this theory that love never dies.

If your feelings evolve to the point where you’re in love with someone, when not only you’re attracted to that person, but you crave their presence, they’re a constant thought in your head, their sole existence is a reason of joy, then that’s it. You’re stuck with this feeling for the rest of your life.

Now, life happens. People change, time passes by, people grow apart (if they’re lucky to be together to begin with). We adapt.

Love, however, is still there.

Hate might have joined the party, whereas attraction is far gone. There might be resent, grieve and disappointment too. We’re complex beings, capable of experiencing multiple emotions at once. But we’re not stronger than love.

You see, true love changes your molecules, it rewires your brain so that you start seeing the world differently, you become a new version of yourself, for better or for worse. Love shapes us. No wonder poets compare it to drugs; love makes us do crazy things. We’re intoxicated by our beloved one, little by little and out of a sudden.

How we deal with love is another story. As I said, we adapt.

Some may cling to it while others pretend it doesn’t exist. There are those who run from it, hide it, take it for granted, and there are those who cherish it, nurture it so it’s always shiny. It is scary, it is powerful, and it is wonderful.


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