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A quick and sweet vendetta

Part 1

Her eyes hurt at the sight of him. Or rather, her whole body coiled in pain.

Felicity thought her heart was the one that was supposed to be broken, not every bit of her. And yet, her hands tingled wishing to make contact, her cheeks burned redden by what they’ve done together. And it wasn’t butterflies in her stomach, but those carnivore moths that fed on carrion, destroying what was left of her.

She hold her books closer to her chest, like a lifesaver or a shield. She swallowed hard as she waited for him to notice her when she passed him in the hall. She held her breath when he turned his head, their gaze locked and he gave her a half smile.

“Hey.” His tone was polite, was there any guilt in there or was that only her hopeful imagination?

“Hey,” she managed to greet him back.

Well, at least she didn’t burst into tears, she thought as she walked away. She was the only one who knew how much it hurt inside.

The bell rang, so Felicity followed her classmates to her English class where they were reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Before yesterday, Felicity couldn’t understand how someone could ever plan a vendetta like that. She still didn’t like the idea of plotting against someone, but she now knew what real pain felt like, she understood how the feeling could change one’s view of the world, bend their morals.

“Are you okay?” Her friend Maggie threw her arms around her when the class ended and they met in the hall. “That bastard! I can’t believe he just broke up with you like that, after all you’ve done for him.”

Felicity wasn’t ready to talk about it, so she just let herself be held by her best friend, wishing the girl’s arms were strong enough to hold her pieces together. They weren’t, she could feel herself melting, crumbling.

“Come to my place after school. We’ll have ice cream and curse the day Aaron Gellar was born,” Maggie said.

So she did, but all the ice cream in the world couldn’t change the fact that Felicity had lost the love of her life.

The next day, she was felling slightly better or, at least, she felt more prepared to face another day of school.

However, the Universe had a dark sense of humor, and, the first thing she saw when she parked was a couple making out in the car in front of hers. Any other day, that would have meant nothing, after all Felicity had her own man to kiss and, well, you know. That day, though, she had to restraint herself not to honk and scare the happy effing couple.

Felicity’s hand hovered over the wheel when she realized she knew that car. She knew how the leather seat felt under her, she knew how the parking break always got in the way of a good making out session.

She left her own vehicle, no longer in pain. In fact, Felicity no longer felt anything. Some crazy doctor could have sneaked in and filled her with anesthesia for all she cared.

In her English class, she paid close attention to what her teacher said. She knew she didn’t have the patience of the Count, so, in Chemistry, she started to elaborate a much quicker plan.

“Maggie, how far would you go to help me?” Felicity asked at lunch break.

“You know I’d do anything,” Maggie answered right away.

A wicked smile crossed Felicity’s face.

“Good. Meet me in the Chemistry lab after class.”


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