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A quick and sweet vendetta

Part 2

This was an experience they had done in class before. It was a mixture of liquids that quickly turned into a foam when properly heated.

“Why are we playing mad scientists, Fee?” Maggie asked, handing her the next ingredient.

“If Aaron wishes to use his beloved car as a love nest for his next bae, then he’s in for a surprise.” She winked, feeling delightfully wicked – maybe she was a mad scientist.

“What are you talking about?”

Felicity was suddenly grateful for having Maggie on her side. Her friend had no idea what was going on and was still willing to help her out.

“I caught him making out with another girl. In his car at the lot,” Felicity explained. Any positive feeling such as gratefulness vanishing from her heart, which was then filled by bitterness and rage.

Maggie almost dropped the beaker.

“That asshole! How could he? He just broke up with you! Has he got no feelings?”

“This shall teach him a lesson.” Felicity pointed at the mixture. “When he starts his car, the heat of the engine will turn the liquid into foam, getting into the car through the air conditioning system. Hopefully, it’ll fuck up the engine too.”

Maggie noticed Fee’s vengeful smile, bearing lunatic.

Felicity had always been a good girl, a good student. She knew what she was doing.

Twenty minutes later, the two had opened the hood of Aaron’s car, using Maggie’s keys to unlock it.

“Which one leads to the air conditioning?” Maggie asked.

Felicity had no idea. She didn’t know much of cars, and Aaron’s was different than hers.

She had no time to figure it out, though. The football practice was almost finished and Aaron would be there in minutes. Besides, anyone could walk by and see what they were doing.

“Let’s try this one.” Felicity opened one of the lids and dropped the liquid inside.

The girls smiled at each other. They waited in Felicity’s car, she wanted to watch it, she wanted him to know it was her who pranked his car.

Aaron came from practice, all sweaty and handsome, carrying his equipment bag.

Felicity’s heart ached, after all, he had been her first love.

They watched him get in the car, start it and drive out of the school parking lot.

“It’ll probably take a few minutes,” Felicity said.

“Follow him,” Maggie suggested.

Felicity drove after him, keeping a safe distance, just in case he noticed her following and decided to stop to confront her or something.

Aaron lived almost half an hour from school, in one of the fancy condominiums by the mountains.

They were on the road when his car started to show signs of problem.

Smoke came from under his hood, lots of it.

“Wait, you said it was supposed to create a foam,” Maggie said.

Felicity glanced at her friend, she too was confused.

“He has to pull over. Why isn’t he stopping?” Felicity said, her voice coming out higher than usual.

Aaron was still going too fast in the tortuous road. The car started to deviate from its lane.

“What is he doing?” Felicity shouted. “No!”

A truck came from the other lane, it didn’t have time to stop nor slow down. The large truck merely bumped on the side of Aaron’s car, but it was enough to send the vehicle spinning down the side of the road.

Felicity hit the brakes and rushed to the wrecked guardrail. She watched Aaron’s car go down the mountain. It only stopped when it hit a large tree.

Smoke continued to blow from the now crashed hood.


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