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A quick and sweet vendetta

Part 3

Waiting for help to come was like waiting for a miracle. Felicity prayed Aaron would be okay, she prayed he was somehow alive and well.

She’d tried going toward him, but Maggie stopped her, telling her it wasn’t safe. She was right of course, but that only meant Aaron was still in danger. The engine could blow up in any minute, Aaron could bleed to death, he could have a severe concussion. The options weren’t happy ones, neither were his odds.

Eventually, the paramedics came. It took them too long to do their job, Felicity thought. Aaron was dying there and they still hadn’t access to inside of the wrecked car.

The police arrived just as she spotted Aaron’s bleeding head being pulled from the window.

“Miss, can you tell us what happened?” one of the cops tried to talk to her.

She wasn’t paying attention. How could she when her boyfriend was being examined by the paramedics and being brought in a stretcher? At that moment, it didn’t matter that Aaron had broken up with her, it didn’t matter that he was seeing someone else. Felicity loved him – all she wanted was for him to be okay.

She remembered their first kiss. It happened before one of Aaron’s games, he said he needed good luck, so she leaned forward and he met her halfway. When his team won that night, he rushed to her side, raised her in the air and kissed her again in front of the whole school. They’d only been to one date, though it seemed like they’d been together forever.

They soon became of the schools most popular couples, you know, the goal for all teenagers out there, at least, that was what Felicity used to think. Perhaps that’s why their fall was so tragic, the bigger the height…

She’d also been hoping to be crowned Prom Queen by Aaron’s side. All those dreams, their whole future, were destroyed two days ago. And now, Aron’s personal future, one with or without Felicity was hanging in the air.

“Hang in there, buddy,” one of the paramedics said as they placed the stretcher in the ambulance.

Felicity would have run to him were it not for Maggie’s surprisingly strong arms around her.

Before they shut the doors, Felicity heard the words which shattered her already broken heart.

“Hurry up, we’re losing him.”


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