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They were all gathered in the field to watch the sky. The whole city came. After all, it is not everyday that extraterrestrial life contacts the Earth and arranges a meeting with the mayor.

Small children dressed up in their finest clothes and were in their best behavior. The elderly looked sharp in their suits and tried to appear wise to greet this new kind of life.

The mayor was especially pompous, with his elegant wife by his side.

“You know, this is the first time in history that aliens speak to humans. I am not surprised they have chosen the people of Creekville for this meeting”, he announced to anyone who wanted to hear.

“It is all due to your exemplary guidelines, my love. But perhaps we shouldn’t say aliens, they might find it offensive”.

“You are correct: we shall call them extraterrestrial beings then”, the mayor stated and then turned to the cameraman from the local news. “Are you capturing everything? Do you need more light?”

The operator shook his head and assured he had plenty of light source from his equipment.

“Look!” A woman, the State’s Beauty Queen, pointed up.

Heads turned to the night sky where a red light had appeared.

“Is that them?” someone asked.

“They’re terribly small”, a child complained.

“No, that’s just an airplane”, another replied.

From the back of the crowd, Dennis and Louis watched while people anxiously waited for the arrival of E.T.s.

The two boys looked up to the sky, then Louis turned to Dennis.

“I think we have gone too far this time. What are we going to do when the aliens never come?”

But little Dennis wasn’t worried. He grinned.

“We’ll do what my mom always does when she wishes to avoid an appointment: we’ll say the aliens got a headache”.

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Jan 11, 2022

😂😂😂But than again, who doesn't?

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