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Booktuber reviews "Hallucinations"

"Hallucinations" was chosen as one of the reads of the month by the blog Escritora Whovian."This book is sensational," says booktuber Bruna Curi, responsible for the channel.

Among the 10 books read and analyzed by Escritora Whovian in the month of April, "Hallucinations", by the author Julia Roscoe, received praise: "What a wonderful work!"

The YouTube channel's curator, Bruna Curi, gave a synopsis of the eBook "Hallucinations" and compared it to the bestselling novel "Verity" by Colleen Hoover. "Although they have completely different themes, it reminded me a little of what is actually real or imagined," she says.

"One thing that really enchanted me in Julia's book is when she describes Liv's feelings, her seeing her situation, the sensations she has. You can feel it on your skin; they are very real, very palpable feelings," Bruna comments on the descriptions of the protagonist.

Bruna Curi has a degree in Journalism from PUC Minas and owns the Escritora Whovian channel, where she comments on her most recent readings, analyzes films and series, among other forms of entertainment.

Watch the video on the channel to see the full review.

"Hallucinations" is available on Amazon.


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