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Compelling 'Hallucinations' mixes romance with mystery

Júlia Roscoe's book deals with feelings with delicacy and transports us to the character's universe.

The eBook ‘Halucinations’ by writer Júlia Roscoe is available on Amazon [in Portuguese, the English edition is coming up soon]. Excellent for teenagers, the 43-page work mixes romance with mystery.

Synopsis: Liv's world is a little different from ours: colors are brighter, objects change shape, time is irrelevant... That's because Liv lives in a mental institution, I mean, in a mental hospital. After getting into a car accident (or was it a train?) Leaving her birthday party (or was it her engagement?), Liv falls into a coma, and when she wakes up, she's not the same anymore. Between reality and hallucinations, Liv begins to question why she ended up in the crazy wing. Is this really where she belongs?

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Source: O Debate


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